Star Wait on DVD- Special celebrity commentary and much much more!



Check out Michael Rotman's new political comedy - "The Political Pop"



More shows we didn't have time to make icons for:

Life Mix#3 (Winner of best play-splitid theater Hollywood, Ca.)

The Teen Choice Awards (comedy from Paris Hilton)

"The Passion of Jesus - Jesus is my Drinkin' Buddy"

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A-rod Suck t-shirt ($15) - it's quite simple. A-rod Sucks, Jeter swallows A-Wod. Buy one.

The Ballad of The Yankees Suck- The Jimmy Men - Special Edition CD ($8) Voted best Yankees suck song on WFNX Boston. Special Edition CD with dance mix- $6 plus $4 shipping and handling

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The Oz Witch Project- From the Director of Star Wait VHS tape ($10) Film Threat says "this short delivers more laughs in 9 min. than many so called comedy features." Dorthy and friends get lost in the woods and are never seen again. "In The Woods No One Can Hear You Sing." 9 min. VHS Tape.


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